Check out our distillery that’s as-close-to-zero-waste as you can get

We talk the talk – and we also walk the walk. We’ve set up our sustainable distillery in the iconic Swan Valley, WA’s oldest wine region and the closest to Perth city. Everything has been purposefully designed in line with our waste-saving philosophy: our bar is made from post-consumer materials, our tabletops from reclaimed timber and our chairs from recycled plastic. The land on which the distillery sits traditionally belongs to the Whadjuk Noongar people, who have inhabited the Swan coastal plains for over 40,000 years. We take inspiration from the nature in our backyard, surrounded by grapevines and farm animals, and we source responsibly whenever utilising our precious natural resources.

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From 6th October 2023

Take a tour, have a taste and see DGD Co up close and personal. Knowledgeable staff including the founders themselves will be on hand to guide you through a tasting, show you how our zero waste spirits are produced and give you some tips how you can use the same principles at home. And if it’s a production day, you’ll even see the still in action!

Opening hours:
Friday-Sunday, 11am-5pm

book a table

Meet the star of the show

Our beautiful custom designed still takes pride of place in the distillery, touching all the spirits that we produce. Made lovingly by local boutique still maker Hilton Izzet (who happened to be right around the corner from Tim’s mum!), it’s as traditional as they come.
Investing in an all-copper still was a no-brainer for us: not only does copper produce a far superior spirit, trapping nasty compounds (hello hangovers!) in its lining so they’re not in your drink, it’s also 100% recycled and recyclable. Win-win.

For those that love the technical stuff – it’s a modular hybrid reflux copper pot still. Why it matters? It gives us the ability to produce not only light and aromatic spirits like vodka and gin, but also big, full bodied spirits like whiskey and rum, all in the one still (so stay tuned!)

Our still is fully electric powered so (one day) we can run it on fully renewable energy sources. With enough support, large solar panels on the roof will be our next step. We’re already dreaming about it!

Unwanted produce = Unlimited possibilities

We’ve flipped the spirit-making process on its head. Most other distilleries (and the food & drink industry in general) will have a specific product and recipe planned, and will go and find the highest quality ingredients to make that (i.e. we want to make a gin, now lets source some botanicals!)

Instead, we start with the ingredients. We identify the most wasted food items in society, then find like-minded companies who have a problem that we can help them solve. From there we use a little bit of art, science and magic to determine how to get the best flavours out of their perfectly imperfect produce (after all, you can’t call it waste when it still has so much to give!), before working out how, what and which products we can turn those flavours into.

We’re still making super high-quality and great tasting spirits, they just happen to be ultra sustainable. Yeah, we’re clever like that ;)