Forgotten Food, Memorable Spirits

Unwanted ingredients with unlimited potential to make incredible spirits. Purposefully chosen, and crafted lovingly in small batches at our near zero-waste distillery. These are world-class spirits, helping to create a better world. Win-win.

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65 per cent of food is wasted in the hospitality industry

Sobering stuff, hey. But unlike others, we don’t see imperfect ingredients as rubbish: we see them as a lost opportunity for flavour and better taste. So, we partner with food brands to rescue what they no longer need, and and put it to good use. No more hiding waste behind closed doors - we’re excited to tell you exactly where things came from, and how we gave them a second life. Each of our spirits has a special story of transformation… your enjoyment is the final chapter.

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Spirits for true spirit lovers

Our quest for quality means your cocktails just got way better. Meet them, mix them, match them. Just don’t waste them. Spirits that are good for the planet, and great for impressing guests. Now you save produce from landfill, one (delicious) sip at a time.

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