10 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste In Your Daily Life

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste In Your Daily Life

Hey there food-lovers! We need to have a not-so-serious talk about a serious topic: food waste. Yep, we're diving into those forgotten leftovers, overripe fruits, and wilted greens that more often than not end up in the bin. But fear not, because we’re here to share 10 super-duper easy ways to reduce food waste in your daily life. So, let's put on our waste-fighting capes and get started…

1. Be a Smart Date Checker

Those "best before" dates are more like suggestions, rather than commandments. Give your food a sniff, a visual check and finally a taste before throwing it away. You might just discover that your yogurt is still perfectly yogurty and your bread has a few more days of toast potential. Be careful with risky foods with “used by” dates such as raw meats, eggs and milk though.

2. Saved By The Stock

Turn all those veggie scraps and offcuts into flavour bombs! Carrot tops, celery tops, herb stems, and onion skins can be transformed into delicious homemade stocks and broths. Plus, you'll feel like a magician conjuring up potions in your kitchen. "Waste, be gone!"

3. Embrace the Leftover Smoothie Remix

Got a bunch of overripe fruits that are on the brink of extinction? Blend them up into a superhero-worthy smoothie! Whip together those forgotten bananas, squishy berries, and wilted spinach for a tasty concoction that will save the day (and your taste buds).

4. Get Zesty with Citrus

Before you chuck that citrus peel into the bin, save its zest! Grate it up finely and sprinkle that zingy magic on salads, desserts, or even in your morning coffee. Suddenly, your dishes will be bursting with flavour and a touch of pizzazz!

5. Become a Pickling Prodigy

Save those slightly sad veggies by giving them a pickling makeover! Carrots, cucumbers, and even radishes can be transformed into tangy, crunchy delights with a little vinegar, spices, and time.

6. DIY Herb Ice Cubes

Extend the life of your fresh herbs by chopping them up and freezing them in ice cube trays with a little water or oil. Pop these perfectly portioned herb-infused ice cubes into your sauces, stews, or soups for an instant burst of flavor. It's like having little flavor bombs ready to save any meal.

7. Create Flavorful Infused Oils

Got some stems of herbs that need using? Don't let them go to waste! Infuse them into oils for an instant flavor boost. Add chopped herb stems to a jar, pour in some olive oil, seal it, and let it sit for a week. The result? Delicious, aromatic oil for dressings, marinades, or drizzling on dishes.

8. Repurpose Stale Bread

Stale bread doesn't mean it's game over! Transform those rock-hard slices into croutons, breadcrumbs, or a tasty bread pudding. Suddenly, your forgotten loaf will rise again.

And if all else fails…

9. Donate, Don't Discard

Non-perishable foods can find new homes in food banks or shelters, bringing smiles to those in need. Your act of kindness not only helps reduce waste but also spreads love and compassion.

10. Get Composting Crazy

If you've got a green thumb or even a tiny patch of dirt, composting is your new best friend. Aerobic composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as methane-producing microbes are not active in the presence of oxygen, unlike when buried deep in landfill. Methane is 72% more potent than the carbon dioxide produced during composting. So create a compost pile or invest in a compost bin to transform your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil. Mother Nature will send you high fives!


It’s not just the food waste you see at home or in the supermarkets that matters. Did you know that more than half of all food waste happens without you even knowing it? That’s why its even more important to support the brands doing the right thing. The choices you make when buying products can make the biggest difference of all.

That’s why here at Damaged Goods Distilling Co. we do things differently. We start at the end, intercepting carefully chosen food waste streams that still have incredible flavour potential. Then, we get to work lovingly experimenting with that hero ingredient until - BAM. A magical metamorphosis happens. An epic transformation into seriously good spirits.

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